Monday, November 9, 2009

The Globalists are Coming! The Globalists are Coming!

Papa Bush told us it was coming, but we didn't believe him!  Yes, it may not happen and can still possibly be stopped, but it is looking more and more like the trap is about to close.  Boy, those Sunday School lessons about a one-world-government don't seem so far-fetched anymore (although I believed in them as I grew into adulthood it had seemed that things continued along the same as since I was a kid . . . until now).

The Washington Post has an article about this NWO that is quite interesting.

Below are some videos - some recent and some not so much so - that hint of what may be to come if the New World Order does come into existence . . . the end of United States domination in the world at best and the end of U.S. sovereignty at worst.  SCARY STUFF!

And finally . . . an oldie but a goodie from AEnfroy87 - and my favorite YouTube video ever!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall of the Republic is here!

Here it is!  Alex Jones' new film, "The Fall of the Republic - part one:  The Presidency of Barrack H. Obama" (from ChangeDaChannel's You Tube site - check him out!)

I bought the DVD, but I don't have the bandwidth anywhere to store it for public viewing. However, you can find it everywhere if you look.  (see above, for example).  As soon as my order comes in, I plan to make copies and send them to my relatives and perhaps leave a few randomly around.  I will comment on it in the near future after I have viewed it all the way through.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Federal Stimulus Money Going to Fund Free Vaccines for Schoolchildren

So far, our taxpayer money has been going to greedy corporation prop-ups, domestic and foreign bank bailouts, politician pork projects, and questionable toxic loans. Now - get ready for this - our taxpayer money from the stimulus is going to help fund Swine Flu vaccines for school children. Miami-Dade, Florida is getting ready and our neighbors to the north (Broward) and south & west (Monroe) are not far behind. Check out the line below!

Also check out a photo that an Infowars reader sent in. This Walgreens drug store is right down the street from my house! If I get a chance, I'll go by the store and take a picture to post directly on my blog.

Finally, the latest on the spread of the H1N1 virus according to the Center for Disease Control.

 CDC Flu View Map Widget. Flash Player 9 is required.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Message from The Matrix

Found this on YouTube. Thought that the message was extremely profound.

I don't have much to say this week, but lots of things are going on. Maybe by the end of the week, I'll elaborate on some of the issues that may impact our future.

Until then - God bless and stay safe!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Obama Deception - High Def

Previewing notes:  This is a video created by the talk show host Alex Jones.  Although it focuses primarily on how President Obama has pulled a bait-and-switch on the American people, the film is also an indictment of the policies of President G.W. Bush.  It also presents how President Bush and Congress played a part in the theft of taxpayer money.  If you don't want to sit through the almost 2-hour video (although I think it is important to see the whole thing at least once), I suggest to view the first 10-minutes or so, then fast-forward to the 1:23:40 point where the film goes into his theories on how the New World Order will seek to take control of America.  Whether you believe in the NWO or not, it is still eerie how much this video gets right about what is currently going on now.  This is definitely more than conspiracy theory drivel! Also feel free to research the claims that this video presents.  You will find that ALL of the claims of this video can be substantiated and those items that have not yet come to pass have only failed to do so because of the exposure and opposition of people to them.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The National Emergency Centers Act HR 645 (or Why Glenn Beck is wrong)

Now, I happen to like Glenn Beck. Some in the extreme "conspiracy theory" ranks consider him a government shill at worst and a slave to the left-right paradigm at best. I have even been angry at some of his ignorance at times. But, call him what you will, he still is ONE of those who are making an attempt to get the word out about how the government is corroding our freedoms and attempting to bypass the Constitution.

However, one of my issues with Glenn Beck is the fact that he sent an "expert" to analyze the feasibility of what are known as "FEMA camps," and stated that he could not debunk them. However, he seemed to do a 180 and now denies the fact there is credible evidence of their existence (both in proposals and physical evidence of them being already implemented).

Now, the PURPOSE of these facilities is still a bone of contention. After the Katrina fiasco, thousands of people without a place to go wandered southern Louisiana until they were directed to the Superdome facility. There, overcrowding caused people to die for lack of food, water, and medical care. The unsanitary, cramped conditions appalled everyone. There was plenty of blame to go around, President Bush, FEMA, local authorities . . . but there was no doubt that it was imperative that this never happened again. So I do understand why the government would want to plan ahead. Especially in this age of terrorism.

However, after the many times in history that oppressive governments (or even free ones - remember the Japanese internments or the forcing of Native Americans onto reservations) have rounded up and detained citizens for various reasons, there is reason to fear. Think Apartheid, ghettos, concentration camps, forced relocations, etc. Even when the initial intentions are good, as in after a natural disaster, the potential for misuse is there. I simply just want the truth to be known so that people can hold the government accountable and ensure that they are telling the whole truth.

The bill HR645 information was posted on the Infowars website INFOWARS (you will have to search for the article). Or you can go to the original article where a link for the full text on THOMAS is at the left side of the site below:

GovTrack: H.R. 645: Text of Legislation, Introduced in House Shared via AddThis

Anyway, take a look and decide for yourself.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Flu bug, go away!

I might have had the SWINE FLU!  I went to Sea World for my vacation a couple of weeks ago.  Didn't feel like riding any rides (yep something was definitely wrong if I didn't feel like riding).  Had a scratchy throat and a little fatigue, but thought it was just a cold.  By the evening, I felt really bad - weakness, loss of appetite, headache, and slight fever.  By the next morning, I had a high fever, more weakness, chills, muscle pain, congestion, and just feeling like garbage!

Needless to say, if I had had these symptoms the day before we left, I would have stayed home.  Did I have it?  Not sure.  I went to the doctor and he did some blood tests that were negative for a bacterial infection and negative for Influenza A (if the latter were positive that would be an indication of H1N1 if I'm not mistaken).  So, I may not have had it after all although there is  a potential for false negative results

A co-worker of my husband's died of the H1N1 flu that weekend, too, so needless to say for a while we were both quite apprehensive.  Whatever I had, he got it too.  Yeah, I ruined his birthday and our anniversary by getting the flu, but what can I do . . . ?

Anyway, here is some information from USA Today about the flu [here] (note that the animation is the "official version" of how it began and spread.)  Is the illness overhyped?  Probably.  Was the illness manufactured (intentionally or not) by a pharmaceutical, military, or government entity?  No way to know for sure, but some experts have alluded to that possibility.

Now, the government is rushing the drug companies to manufacture a vaccine.  Is the cure worse than the disease?  Maybe yes - maybe no.  However, under no circumstances should the vaccine be forced on people.  Such would go against the U.S. Constitution (4th amendment if I'm not mistaken although the 10th amendment would also apply if the vaccine was federally mandated).

 Here's a video from someone that outlines the case against (mandatory) immunization.

Map of Spread of H1N1 in Continental United States

 CDC Flu View Map Widget. Flash Player 9 is required.

Anyway, stay healthy and safe!  God bless!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome to my Freedom Blog!


As I am writing this, Congress is preparing to recess for the summer. Good - I think they have done plenty of damage in the last 6 months (not to mention the last 8+ years).

Although I have always been a lifelong Democrat, I am disturbed by how the government over the last eight years and now over the last six months have sought to bypass the U. S. Constitution. With President Bush 2000-2008 it began with the Patriot Act, a questionable war (I want to get the terrorists just as much as anyone, but why the detour into Iraq?), Abu-Ghab and Guantanamo, NAFTA & the superhighway nonsense, the proliferation of the North American Union, and concluded with the black hole known as the bailout. Now with President Obama, we have the same policies that we had before: NAFTA/NAU nightmare, wars, continued Patriot Act freedom-sapping, more bailouts without any accountability, and more questionable lobbyist appointments. PLUS - Now we have to deal with the Fairness Doctrine, Federal takeover of our water supply, potential Swine Flu forced vaccinations, FEMA camps(?), Cap and Trade, increased taxes, socialized health care AND more unemployment.

Anyway, after years of trusting the government (believing its presentation of evidence on the 9-11 terrorist attack, weapons of mass destruction, America does not torture, the Patriot Act being necessary to protect us, etc.) I have finally realized that the reality that we are presented is not what is actually going on.

Why the change in perception? Because of my Christian eschatological belief that one of the landmarks that would lead to the End Times (Yes, yes, I know no one knows the time, but there are signs . . .) is the installation of a one world government.

Now, it seems that something to that effect may be happening. Note that I say MAY. If I had lived at the time of World War 2 and watched in horror as the evil Axis powers (with their imperialism, eugenics, brutality, rabid nationalism and dehumanization of their fellow man among other terrors) spread across Europe & Asia I would have believed then that the world was about to fall into the Tribulation if not already there.

So, again, perhaps this is just another hiccup - another birth pang on the journey to the ultimate end. But if you are a believer in the Bible (even a liberal believer) you have to admit that if the North American Union truly becomes a reality, then we are closer than ever to what may be the proverbial End.

So to conclude my first blog now that I have been "awakened" or "have taken the red pill" or "refused the kool-aid" so to speak, I am now more cautious about trusting the higher ups . . . even a left-leaning, pro-diplomacy, transparent government proponent, let's get the troops out, close Guatanamo now, America does not torture politician like President Obama. Nothing to worry about anymore . . . right?