Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Federal Stimulus Money Going to Fund Free Vaccines for Schoolchildren

So far, our taxpayer money has been going to greedy corporation prop-ups, domestic and foreign bank bailouts, politician pork projects, and questionable toxic loans. Now - get ready for this - our taxpayer money from the stimulus is going to help fund Swine Flu vaccines for school children. Miami-Dade, Florida is getting ready and our neighbors to the north (Broward) and south & west (Monroe) are not far behind. Check out the line below!


Also check out a photo that an Infowars reader sent in. This Walgreens drug store is right down the street from my house! If I get a chance, I'll go by the store and take a picture to post directly on my blog.


Finally, the latest on the spread of the H1N1 virus according to the Center for Disease Control.

 CDC Flu View Map Widget. Flash Player 9 is required.

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