Saturday, July 17, 2010

Obama Deception - Redux

Recently on the Alex Jones show, Alex encouraged listeners to google "The Obama Deception" in order to allow the hit meter on the Google website to list it as most popular. However, When I went to YouTube to check out the video, it had been "removed by user."

This seems very suspicious when taken with the fact that the Alex Jones Facebook page was removed due to (supposedly) the "Gadsen Flag" being displayed on the page.

So, as a public service to all those Patriots and others out there who want to view the movie, here it is on Google Video . . . The Obama Deception.

Article on Googling "Obama Deception" on Infowars website. Comments mention the movie being removed.

Here is ChangeDaChannel's message about what happened.

Here is Alex Jones' video on the situation and what YOU can do to help.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Next Great Depression . . .

There have been signs of life in the economy since the Bush-Obama bailout measures. That would be great if this were a bona fide recovery where people are going back to work, consumer spending is back to normal, and deficit spending is being brought under control. However, none of the above is happening to a large degree which would indicate an "artificial" or temporary recovery. One that is being propped up by fiat money being poured into the economy causing the devaluation of the dollar. Property values are falling causing a lower tax base across the country which leaves local governments (including schools, police, fire, sanitation, transportation) to fend for themselves.

Meanwhile, the fat cats in Washington are passing more useless legislation that does nothing to prevent another economic downturn. Even worse, laws are being passed to limit civil liberties including giving the president broad power over the internet. The fairness doctrine has reared its ugly head again. There are laws meant to prevent people from videotaping police or even public places.

Police prevent citizen from videotaping at Metrorail (Miami, Florida), then bans without cause -

Government reducing police services -

President Obama refusing to stop illegal immigrates -

Citizens that call for help are tasered -

However, this all pales compared to what many of us know happens when people lose faith in their government. Yes, its false flag time again. Time for a crisis that can be used to make the American people forget about their right being taken away. Take a listen to one possible view of how this will play out from Alex Jones . . .