Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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As I am writing this, Congress is preparing to recess for the summer. Good - I think they have done plenty of damage in the last 6 months (not to mention the last 8+ years).

Although I have always been a lifelong Democrat, I am disturbed by how the government over the last eight years and now over the last six months have sought to bypass the U. S. Constitution. With President Bush 2000-2008 it began with the Patriot Act, a questionable war (I want to get the terrorists just as much as anyone, but why the detour into Iraq?), Abu-Ghab and Guantanamo, NAFTA & the superhighway nonsense, the proliferation of the North American Union, and concluded with the black hole known as the bailout. Now with President Obama, we have the same policies that we had before: NAFTA/NAU nightmare, wars, continued Patriot Act freedom-sapping, more bailouts without any accountability, and more questionable lobbyist appointments. PLUS - Now we have to deal with the Fairness Doctrine, Federal takeover of our water supply, potential Swine Flu forced vaccinations, FEMA camps(?), Cap and Trade, increased taxes, socialized health care AND more unemployment.

Anyway, after years of trusting the government (believing its presentation of evidence on the 9-11 terrorist attack, weapons of mass destruction, America does not torture, the Patriot Act being necessary to protect us, etc.) I have finally realized that the reality that we are presented is not what is actually going on.

Why the change in perception? Because of my Christian eschatological belief that one of the landmarks that would lead to the End Times (Yes, yes, I know no one knows the time, but there are signs . . .) is the installation of a one world government.

Now, it seems that something to that effect may be happening. Note that I say MAY. If I had lived at the time of World War 2 and watched in horror as the evil Axis powers (with their imperialism, eugenics, brutality, rabid nationalism and dehumanization of their fellow man among other terrors) spread across Europe & Asia I would have believed then that the world was about to fall into the Tribulation if not already there.

So, again, perhaps this is just another hiccup - another birth pang on the journey to the ultimate end. But if you are a believer in the Bible (even a liberal believer) you have to admit that if the North American Union truly becomes a reality, then we are closer than ever to what may be the proverbial End.

So to conclude my first blog now that I have been "awakened" or "have taken the red pill" or "refused the kool-aid" so to speak, I am now more cautious about trusting the higher ups . . . even a left-leaning, pro-diplomacy, transparent government proponent, let's get the troops out, close Guatanamo now, America does not torture politician like President Obama. Nothing to worry about anymore . . . right?

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