Monday, August 10, 2009

Flu bug, go away!

I might have had the SWINE FLU!  I went to Sea World for my vacation a couple of weeks ago.  Didn't feel like riding any rides (yep something was definitely wrong if I didn't feel like riding).  Had a scratchy throat and a little fatigue, but thought it was just a cold.  By the evening, I felt really bad - weakness, loss of appetite, headache, and slight fever.  By the next morning, I had a high fever, more weakness, chills, muscle pain, congestion, and just feeling like garbage!

Needless to say, if I had had these symptoms the day before we left, I would have stayed home.  Did I have it?  Not sure.  I went to the doctor and he did some blood tests that were negative for a bacterial infection and negative for Influenza A (if the latter were positive that would be an indication of H1N1 if I'm not mistaken).  So, I may not have had it after all although there is  a potential for false negative results

A co-worker of my husband's died of the H1N1 flu that weekend, too, so needless to say for a while we were both quite apprehensive.  Whatever I had, he got it too.  Yeah, I ruined his birthday and our anniversary by getting the flu, but what can I do . . . ?

Anyway, here is some information from USA Today about the flu [here] (note that the animation is the "official version" of how it began and spread.)  Is the illness overhyped?  Probably.  Was the illness manufactured (intentionally or not) by a pharmaceutical, military, or government entity?  No way to know for sure, but some experts have alluded to that possibility.

Now, the government is rushing the drug companies to manufacture a vaccine.  Is the cure worse than the disease?  Maybe yes - maybe no.  However, under no circumstances should the vaccine be forced on people.  Such would go against the U.S. Constitution (4th amendment if I'm not mistaken although the 10th amendment would also apply if the vaccine was federally mandated).

 Here's a video from someone that outlines the case against (mandatory) immunization.

Map of Spread of H1N1 in Continental United States

 CDC Flu View Map Widget. Flash Player 9 is required.

Anyway, stay healthy and safe!  God bless!

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