Monday, November 9, 2009

The Globalists are Coming! The Globalists are Coming!

Papa Bush told us it was coming, but we didn't believe him!  Yes, it may not happen and can still possibly be stopped, but it is looking more and more like the trap is about to close.  Boy, those Sunday School lessons about a one-world-government don't seem so far-fetched anymore (although I believed in them as I grew into adulthood it had seemed that things continued along the same as since I was a kid . . . until now).

The Washington Post has an article about this NWO that is quite interesting.

Below are some videos - some recent and some not so much so - that hint of what may be to come if the New World Order does come into existence . . . the end of United States domination in the world at best and the end of U.S. sovereignty at worst.  SCARY STUFF!

And finally . . . an oldie but a goodie from AEnfroy87 - and my favorite YouTube video ever!

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