Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We Avoided Default... yay ...

What price is victory? Our country perhaps? Well that's how it finally played out when all was said & done. We are about to get a "Super Congress" committee of 12 people (six from each house of Congress, 3 democrats & 3 republicans ... notice that independents are shut-out) that have A LOT of power to railroad legislation through without the required floor debates and roll-call votes. It may seem to be "streamlining" the process, but rather it is borderline unconstitutional because is gives making law to a body that supersedes the constitutional process. The right to make laws cannot be given from Congress to others.

Anyway, that's only a footnote to the bigger financial problem that we face. The craptacular debt bill that has finally been ratified and signed into law basically kicks the can down the road without any significant spending cuts or means of revenue. Watch below as one former policy maker discusses how our distaste for considering our sacred cows will lead us into Greece within three years unless we reverse course.

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