Sunday, May 16, 2010

Is this a "bailout" . . . or an "abandon ship?"

It's bad enough that we bail out U.S. private institutions such as banks and automobile companies while padding the economy with fake solutions like "cash for clunkers" and the like. However, we are now treading into dangerous territory with money being funneled into the International Monetary Fund to help prop up foreign economies and banks! California is going bankrupt, New York and Michigan aren't that far behind, and unemployment is steadily getting worse (10.2% in Florida for example). Now BOTH our schools and the military are becoming inadequately funded. We're scrapping the space program. And if all of this were not bad enough, there is a concerted effort to downgrade our civil liberties as outlined in the United States Constitution. David Rockefeller is correct . . . we are indeed only one major crisis away from instituting a New World Order. The only question is - which one will it be? Will it be financial meltdown, terrorist attack (legitimate or false flag), an epidemic, or a new war? Pick your poison it seems to me. Anyway, here are some interesting videos regarding the potential for disaster that we face.

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